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Golfing injuries

Posted by MIssissauga Physiotherapy & Orthopedic Center on 21 June 2019
Golfing injuries


Nothing ruins a golf game more than an injury. Whether it is damage from a day on the course or from some other sort of activity or accident, it's difficult to fully enjoy and perform when you have one or many aches and pains. Be it an ankle, knee or hip injury, they will all affect your performance. Whether it is wrist, elbow or shoulder, your swing is just not right nor comfortable to feel and perform your best. Then, there is the dreaded back pain which carries no enjoyment at all. We all have it in some form or another and deal with it differently. either way, it causes discomfort, even to walk the course. But, its how we deal with and manage the pain is whats important to our enjoyment and performance.

Many people reach for  pain relief in the form of a pain killer, muscle relaxant or anti-inflammatory pill. These may provide a partial solution and temporary relief, but to get complete recovery that lasts, a trip to Mississauga Physiotherapy & Orthopedic Center to see one of our physiotherapists or massage therapists is you best course of action. They are well trained and experienced in knee, shoulder and back rehabilitation especially, along with a variety of various other ailments and injury rehabilitation. A comprehensive, yet simple treatment plan is a surefire way to have you back on course ASAP.

Therapy combined with a perfectly fitted brace or support from our friends at Orthobility Bracing will go a long way to better health and a lower scoring game. make sure to enjoy your summer and all its activities to the fullest, with a quick tune up from your favorite therapy partner, Mississauga Physiotherapy & Orthopedic Center.

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