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Why You Need Massage Therapy in Mississuaga

Posted by MIssissauga Physiotherapy & Orthopedic Center on 5 November 2018
Why You Need Massage Therapy in Mississuaga

Massage is  a great way to relax your mind and body together, and you feel great afterward! Massage therapy can be a wonderfully powerful tool for your health, but maybe you still need convincing. Read on to learn why you need to get massage therapy in Toronto.

Why you need massage therapy in Mississauga

Virtually everyone can benefit from a massage.
Regardless of age or gender, nearly everyone should look into massage therapy in MIssissauga -- it isn't only for those of us dealing with high stress .
If you're an athlete, a massage can relax sore muscles and potentially prevent injury.  If you suffer from work related stress, the increased blood flow can stop pesky headaches and even migraines.
Activities causing pain do not have to be strenuous to impact your body. For instance, repetitive motion such as typing can take a toll.

Massage therapy is great for your mental health.

It's widely acknowledged that a good massage benefits both body and brain, but did you know massage releases chemicals that are critical to your well-being?
Maybe you've found yourself feeling a sense of peace and happiness in the middle of a massage. That's because massage therapy releases serotonin, the chemical reaction in your brain responsible for feelings of joy and happiness.
Massage also releases a healthy dose of oxytocin, which is responsible for feelings of physical closeness and comfort. Believe it or not, a good massage can have similar benefits to a relaxing morning snuggled up with your partner!
Those that struggle with issues such as depression or anxiety would be well-advised to look into massage therapy. In conjunction with standard treatments, massage therapy may prove to be tremendously beneficial.

You'll sleep better.

That's right, you won't just feel better, but you'll actually feel more rested! It's been suggested that many adults don't get the necessary amount of sleep.
A good deep tissue or Swedish style massage will put you in such a restful state that you'll benefit for days after your initial appointment. There's no need to feel sluggish or consume energy drinks all day, when a brief massage is substantially more beneficial in the long run. And just think of all the money you'll save on coffee!

Massage therapy can help with those stiff and sore muscles.

Perhaps you've got a crick in your neck that's been bothering you for some time. Did you know that a short deep massage can help with that?
Massage releases tension in those hard to reach areas such as the spine and lower back. In fact, you may even find yourself breathing better following a massage, as they've been known to increase respiratory functions.
Now that you've seen how plentiful the benefits of a great massage are, schedule a massage today and let us help you!  Schedule an appointment today and see the fantastic benefits of massage therapy in MIssissauga for yourself!

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