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Athletic Therapy

Posted by MIssissauga Physiotherapy & Orthopedic Center on 2 October 2020
Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapists specialize in treating & rehabilitating orthopedic injuries and are especially effective in acute, chronic & recurring conditions. Sport related injuries, repetitive strain, and emergency conditions such as concussions, fractures, and spinal injuries are just a few. Athletic Therapy treatments focus on an active approach in finding and treating the cause of conditions, not just the symptoms. Rehabilitation programs are based on the scientifically-supported Sport Medicine Model.

Athletic therapy is not just for high level athletes. Instead, they specialize in returning individuals to any level of activity, be it recreational sports, high level competition or leisure activities. Rehabilitation techniques provided by Athletic Therapists' utilizes a wide variety of manual therapy, exercise prescription, modalities and supportive tapping techniques, helping improve the efficiency of treatments which may result in faster recoveries, and decreased chance of re-injury.

Athletic therapy is available through most private insurance companies, sports leagues & facility rentals in Ontario. Make sure to ask your insurance providers, local recreation clubs, teams, leagues & facilities about their insurance plans and ATHLETIC THERAPY inclusion.

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